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I noticed the spot with Ali at the last commercial break, and I also was amused when she was talking about getting the "backstage dish" at NBC.com. I had the same thought...if they were using her for this spot, being full aware of all the speculation about her, she's not going anywhere.

As for today's show, I enjoyed it. I liked the Victor/Nicole scenes. Their sparring back and forth is so much fun, and I loved Victor laughing at the end of Nicole's sad tale. He knows her well enough to see through her manipulations, even though he did believe she was a victim of Trent. I'm intrigued by the call to Niko and based on what he said to Bo, I'm thinking maybe he's planning on having Trent roughed up a little, to defend Nicole's honor. Twisted, I know, considering he's taking back her divorce settlement, but those two have always had a very unusual relationship.

Lexie and Stefano were good, except for her entrance, which was over-done. I love how hurt and indignant Stefano is over the way his children treated him, conveniently forgetting all the horrible things he's done to them! JM does a great job with having his eyes well up with tears and the facial expressions--I almost felt sorry for him myself.

They are going the typical DAYS route with setting up this murder mystery...everyone has a motive, everyone is making public threats, people mysteriously go off on their own, etc. I loved Caroline getting all protective of Max and taking on Trent, but I hate the rage-filled version of Max we're seeing again. Maybe he will kill Trent and go to prison for murder for the rest of his life.....only, of course, it would only be about eight weeks because Caroline or Stephanie would go to Roman and cry and beg a little bit and he would come up with some scheme where Max could rat out a drug dealer, get beat up and have his sentence commuted.
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