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Sep 22 2008, 01:30 PM
Sep 22 2008, 12:50 PM
And I think that Nicole uses men because she is used to men using her. I can see her issues when she was sexually abused and exploited by her father affecting her behavior as she got older. Unlike Sami and Chelsea who had decent upbringings with no abuse who currently act out for no reason.
i totally agree. nicole's upbringing explains a lot of her issues with both sex and money. for her, i think, being with a wealthy man who uses her as a trophy is a type of security blanket. it's all she has ever been used to--using her looks and body to make her way through life. since no man apart from eric and maybe ej has ever valued her, it's no wonder that she has trouble finding validity in a normal relationship. i believe the reason that she has used men such as lucas and victor for money is that she feels that if she uses the guy, she gets the upper-hand. it's like her getting revenge on her father, almost. in other words, if she uses the guy before he can use her, she feels like she is in control, and she is ending the cycle of her father's sexual abuse. obviously that isn't the answer, but it makes sense to me that she would feel that way.

in response to the above and nicole's past--when jan spears was raped by paul, nicole's father, nicole divulged that her father forced her into pornography when she was a young teen. i am not sure if he abused her himself, but it's bad enough either way.
I agree with you, but a father forcing his daughter, a minor, into performing sexual acts with men on camera, while he's drugging her no less, is abuse.
Nicole uses men so they won't use her. She's a tortured and wounded soul who has endured a great deal in life. I don't condone her actions, but she hides behind booze, and sees money and power as a way to protect herself from being abused again. Keep in mind, she also witnessed her father physically and emotionally abusing her mother too.
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