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Sep 22 2008, 10:11 PM
Days really has so much potential out of a Nick, Melanie, Chelsea triangle..It really seems like Chelsea is back where she belongs and i'm finally enjoying her again..As opposed to becoming one of my least favorite characters when paired with Dr. Dan...

With the two latest castings i'm kind of hoping Dan is on his way out at the end of the year...Then maybe we can be done with medical stories for a while..
Well, I wouldn't be shocked if SC ran as hard as he could when his contract was up, but I am looking forward to the Date story. I've wanted a real Kate love interest forever. And he better not be gone before I get to see their love scene. I'm still pissed we've yet to see any hint of a flashback of that while suffering for months of channage.

I'm loving the triangle with Nick at the center (resisting the urge to make a RIGHT triangle joke, oh wait, too late!) I've suffered for nearly 2 years watching them run down the character constantly as if no girl would give him the time of day while supposedly Chelsea is the hottest girl in Salem. I just hope they won't screw this up.
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