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Sep 22 2008, 09:45 PM
Sep 22 2008, 05:35 PM
They are going the typical DAYS route with setting up this murder mystery...everyone has a motive, everyone is making public threats, people mysteriously go off on their own, etc. I loved Caroline getting all protective of Max and taking on Trent, but I hate the rage-filled version of Max we're seeing again. Maybe he will kill Trent and go to prison for murder for the rest of his life.....only, of course, it would only be about eight weeks because Caroline or Stephanie would go to Roman and cry and beg a little bit and he would come up with some scheme where Max could rat out a drug dealer, get beat up and have his sentence commuted.
At least these characters have motives to kill Trent, because he's a creep..Remember at the start of the serial killer storyline, when in a span of 2 or 3 days everyone wanted to kill Abe...That was so unbelievable..
I agree. The buildup is only needed for characters like Steve, Kayla, and maybe even Victor. We already had quire lengthy suspect list before this so this really isn't forced at all. As Jane pointed out, the JER'-like buildup is not sticking out too much because it's actually progressing things. Sure, the foreshadowing is beating you over the head now but the past few months many fans have clamored for that. They want buildup like that and one thing it shows is that the show has direction. I did like the way we saw everyone's reactions today. Loved Caroline. Molly Burnett continues to impress and Blake is shining right now. Chelsea has not regressed but has had edge back, which I was worried about. I wanted her edge but not her going back to pre-Hogan. She's back to herself and Stax is even tolerable. Sure, Max's anger is annoying but it's giving him and Stephanie more to do besides sit around and I'm glad to see Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope involved. As others pointed out, the young cast dynamic is back in form with Chelsea/Nick/Melanie/Max/Stephanie. They are interesting again.

I also have to talk about the Victor/Nicole scenes as another poster mentioned concern on Friday about Victor being out of character. I disagree completely. What I liked most is that the Victor/Nicole dynamic was back in full force, right from his asking what she was babbling about in the first scene. His reaction to learning the truth was true to form, especially his laughing and questioning her using her sad story to convince him to let her keep the money. You could tell when Nicole got into the abuse part of her story that Victor was emotionally effected. The expression on his face changed (good acting by John Aniston) and that led to some things later on like his mentioning to Bo and Hope that he wouldn't press fraud charges, saying her losing his money would satisfy as the punishment for her deceiving him so there was no need to press charges. He recognized she was a victim and you could tell a part of him still recognizes the hell she has had to ensure in her life. He still has a soft spot for her deep down, much like he does Kate. I think that all tied in with his phone call. He is clearly going to do something to Trent and it will be interesting to see what. Love that we got a Nico mention. Haven't heard about him in awhile. Also, the added touch of Victor mentioning he did a background check on her before marrying her was such a nice touch as it tied nicely into the Victor character and his relationship with Nicole. He's intelligent and would do something like that. Again, the dynamic with the both of them was great. Victor has Nicole's number and she has his, much like Kate, yet they both still have a soft spot for each other. Loved the Nicole/Trent scene at the end too. Good end and nice foreboding feel.

I also have to give props to Peter Reckell, for throwing in some subtle tension into his scenes with John Aniston. It alludes quite nicely to the Paul stuff so kudos to him.

Lexie/Stefano was very good. I did think Lexie was a bit much in the beginning but I think she was still miffed about Abe quitting his job over Stefano and all the other goings on. Joe and Renee just rock together and, as Drew mentioned, she has every reason to go off on him and to accuse him of using and manipulating her. I also liked how Stefano used Theo and his autism to try to lure Lexie in. I do not think it was all about luring her in. I think he genuinely wanted to help her and Theo but that he also realized it would appeal to Lexie as well. Stefano always has acted different with his daughters, especially given he's lost daughters in the past. He became very vulnerable when Lexie turned her back on him and declared him dead to her. I'm glad Joe played it that way because it's in character for a daughter doing that to hit Stefano harder. Glad Lexie saw through his game involving Theo. Just loved the scenes and Stefano still refusing to take responsibility for his involvement in everything. Everything was spot on in these scenes.

One thing we did learn (and learn some more tomorrow) is that this isn't about Stefano having anymore children of his own. It's about his grandchildren. Since his children turned their backs on him, his plan is to leave everything to his grandchildren so I think he was speaking about his grandchildren when he said that he would be raising a new generation of Dimera's. That should make some people concerned about that issue happy.

Very good show to start the week and tomorrow is very good as well with some very good Anna/Marlena scenes (which allude to what I've been saying all along concerning Marlena and her recent behavior), Stefano/John scenes (we learn what is going on with John's head), and some very good stuff with Hope/Lexie and Abe/Bo/Roman (we learn what happened with internal affairs and it turns out Abe played a role in who the new commissioner is, which could lead to some tension with the mayor and with Bo and Roman).

Tomlin and co are doing a fine job. Hope this keeps up.
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