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Sep 22 2008, 04:22 PM
Sep 22 2008, 04:11 PM
I had been speculating that Nicole had left Trent while she was pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption thinking Trent never knew. Then I thought Dena had dropped it but lately I've noticed that Nicole has never really seen Melanie. Everytime one of them enters the pub the other one leaves.

As for Victor, after his phone call today I thought that maybe he already knew that Nicole had married Trent and he paid Trent to come to town and lie about not getting a divorce so he could screw Nicole out of her settlement. Its not like Victor couldn't make the older paperwork disappear and it might make for a juicy story later once Caroline finds out that Victor set so much drama in motion just to keep Nicole from getting some money.

I still don't see how that works, though, because I would have thought we would have gotten some hint that Nicole has more secrets relating to Trent. I can't believe she wouldn't have told EJ when she confessed to him that Trent was blackmailing her. I just don't see it. Not trying to be argumentative, and heaven knows the show pulls stuff from nowhere all the freaking time, but this is one of those times that if they do I'll be furious.

Now, I do love your idea about Victor! It certainly makes more sense than Victor never having checked out Nicole's past and finding out she was married, (although I don't see Victor paying the money first if he knew that already). That would be one convenient fact I wouldn't mind finding out later.
I agree, Paxton. It would be too far out of left field and too obviously a retconn. For instance, with all of Trent's discussions about Melanie, Nicole doesn't even flinch. There are none of those alone, thoughtful glances usually used. I'm not saying I wouldn't put it past Dena to do it, but it wouldn't fit. Plus, the whole Trent's daughter discussion thing is just too recent. Too many viewers would notice. It's not like Nicole and Trent had a conversation about Trent's daughter 5, 6 years ago and brought it back to rewrite history. Some would notice, but a lot wouldn't. I think for the sake of the already teetering stability of the show, they should just bury that whole idea and go on.
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