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Just saw Tuesday. Another strong show, IMO. You can really tell Scott is gone now because the show is much more darker and strightforward. Even the music is different. It´s probably just the buildup towards Trent´s murder, but sometime today I really thought Reilly is back. Even the characters are talking to themselves again, so far just a few lines here and there, but it would never happen during Scott. And the cuts between scenes are no longer interleaved like Scott loved to do.

On to the show, today was a first day after long time I really liked Marlena. Nice talk with Anna, I hope she stays this strong. Stefano and John playing power game was pretty much pointless, but JM has a way to make even a filler interesting. Of course, I had to laugh outloud when poor Rolf appeared at the end and informed Stefano John´s brain is about to have a data overload. Is John a cyborg?

Wonderfull build up towards Hope´s revelation as the new head of the SPD. I loved the buddy chemistry between Abe, Roman and Abe. And the live broadcast was a nice touch too. Of course, Abe resigning because corrupt establishment only to try to put all his friends on his place didn´t make much sense, but whatever. I think this change could be really refreshing for both Bo and Hope. It will for sure provide some nice scenes and tension because we all know Bo is not used to make things by the book.

And finally Trent. Is he dead yet? I´m not sure if it was intentional or not but I liked how they connected yesterday´s talk about Trent/Nicol marriage and today´s revelation why Trent treats his daughter so horribly. Seems like he is obsessed by perfection. He wanted Nicol to be perfect wife and trophy and when she failed he started to abuse her. And he did the same thing with Melanie, him admitting he was disappointed in her because she wasn´t able to fullfill his high expectation made great sense. That´s probably why he liked Nick.
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