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With all the men they are bringing on the vet has to be a guy because there isn't room for all these characters.

Looking at the cast and character make up, it's only reasonable to deduce the vet is likely BD.

Darin and James are not vets. I'd even go as far to say JKJ isn't a vet because he left and came back. He hasn't been with the show but five years total. That is hardly a "vet". Some people were hard pressed last year to call Ali a vet when she has been with the show 14 years.

Lucas is running out of story. The show has gotten rid of Morgan so Phillip is going back into Chloe's orbit and now Brady is coming back and we're likely to see a redux of that triangle. The show has done to death the Lucas/Sami/EJ triangle to the detriment of the ratings.

It's already been mentioned that Galen's role will be involved with Sami some how. She's stretched thin as it is with her BL gig.

I don't know.. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if they are letting a "vet" go, the one who could be rolled out the easiest is BD.

Ratings went up when they gave him a break earlier this year and down when he came back. He may have had nothing to do with that but the show didn't appear to lose viewers when he left and he didn't bring any back with him when he returned which is what is important with letting a "vet" go.

This may be complete bunk too. I don't mean to upset any BD fans by wondering if he's the vet on the bubble. I just don't see who else it could be.
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