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I don't see the show cutting Rachel.
Her begging Dansea fans to write in to the show was what made me said her name. I got the impression that she was on her way out and by fans writing in, she will use that to show the producers that they are making a mistake cutting her.

Here is her post -

I have to say I'm a little broken hearted over the splitting of this couple with you guys. Shawn is extremely fun to work with, and we really have fun playing with our character's interaction with one another. Unfortunately, all I can suggest is to keep doing what you are doing. I can't see why TPTB would dismiss an idea, concept, or coupling that is so popular with the show's fans if you keep responding with emails and banners, etc, as you have been doing! And should for some reason, you not get the outcome you're hoping for, I sincerely appreciate the support and response.
When did Rachel post this? This is news to me. Do you have the link? Thanks.
There is no proof that Rachel wrote that though. My guess would that you know who wrote that.
Actually RM wrote that on her own forum . You have to be logged into to see it but it's http://rachel-melvin/forum.

She's written many things pushing the chan fans to continue with the story.

That said, I'm gonna be pissed as hell if they get rid of actors I like (such as Rachel Melvin and Molly Burnett) to hire these new bozos that are from Passions.
For once i agree with you Trip, I don't think they should let go this two actress, but what i don't get is since Trent is being killed i don't know what they will do to Melanie.
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