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I think my headache is bigger than John Black's right now. You know what the writing for Marlena today reminded me of? The writing for her when she had amnesia. Then, she didn't want to give John the time of day, and her family and friends were all trying to convince her to give him another chance. Except there, she had a reason to be written like an idiot!! Dena seems to take delight in destroying the J&M relationship to such an extent that a complete outsider (Anna, who has been out of Salem for 20 years) has to be the one to tell a clueless Marlena how special her marriage was. To Deidre's credit, she did play it teary-eyed, as though her mouth were saying one thing but her mind were telling her another.

I did like the John/Stefano scenes very much. (I hope Joe's ok... he kept sitting down). The dynamic between these two characters is very complex, and I think the dialogue tapped into that very well.

The police commissioner scenes - I thought it was silly to do the "Newsflash" format like that (I mean, this is not an international crisis, this is the Salem police department). But overall, I think the scenes worked well, and I liked the back-and-forth between all characters involved. The going from the police station to Abe and Lexie's house worked well. On another note, I can't remember the name of the person who plays the mayor, but I'm not impressed with his acting at all. His expressions seem very flat and he looks down a lot.

I am looking foward to tomorrow's Marlena/Stefano scenes, but I really wish today's show had been written differently.
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