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Flying Monkey
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I'm responding to both Ellie and Flying Monkey in this.

I don't know what to honestly say about what I expect Higley's writing to be. What I was responding to was attractive storylines in general. What I find entertaining. And believe it or not, there is some stuff that Higley does that is promising.

I expect good solid storytelling from Higley, which she is incapable of producing. Iím glad your enjoying her writing, Iím certainly not and from the looks of the ratings most everyone else isn't either.

And, I wonder if the "marketability" of the so called secondary players just comes from a few fanbases throwing a fit because their favorites aren't in the lead again?

If my J&M banner has lead you to believe they are my only favorites youíd be mistaken. You have noticed that J&M have been heavily featured since the fall of last year right? I wonder if those smaller fan bases are jealous because their favorites arenít everyone elseís favorites too?

I'll wager you most viewers vote with their viewing time. For the past several years, Days has been so topsy-turvy in KEEPING alternate couples or players on the front lines because of the "massive few" who throw a fit about it. Same old story. You won't find that opinion only here, but on other boards as well.

ďMassive fewĒ, how rich. So when those massive few dare to be disgruntled or state their opinions (while some of their favorites are being featured very prominently in god awful storylines) theyíre just throwing a "fit". (I love how it's a "fit" instead of an opinion) But when the smaller fan bases do it, what do you call it?

It's a sad, sad show that is all about one character or one couple, except, of course, the sitcoms that are SUPPOSED to center around one star. Soaps shouldn't operate that way.

I only see you and one or two other people suggesting that ďcertain fansĒ believe the show should be all about one character or couple, none of that is coming from those ďcertain fansĒ. I only hear that being made by certain other fanbase, as to their motives I can only guess.

And to quote the Flying Monkey (interesting moniker) about the whole "it's what the majority wants". WHO the hell knows what the majority wants? How do you measure that? Days hasn't exactly been the prime example of wonderful awesome soap ratings, except for some rare occasions, for a long time.

Yes it is an interesting moniker thatís why I chose it. I think itís a safe bet to guess that when the writers/TIIC changed the formula and the ratings began to fall dramatically and have remained low ever since that the majority of the audience isnít liking what theyíre seeing and tuning out in droves.

And, again, I find it highly ironic that those who protest the most about "secondary" characters coming to the forefront are those who have strong fanbase alliances. Not that they shouldn't have an opinion. I just find it very coincidental.

What I find really ironic is how certain fan bases think they have the right to challenge someone elseís opinions and or motivations. Who try to call them out personally on their opinions (as if they donít have a right to express their opinion) rather than actually debating the issues and stating their own personal views in contrast.

Popularity is equated with the loudest? Or is it the fanbases that send the most letters, possibly by the same people over and over?

That is your opinion, I disagree with it. I donít think Days would pay the larger salaries of the actors in question if they didnít believe that they were their main draw. Neither would the magazines repeatedly feature them on the cover even when they have no storyline at all if they didnít know who sells and who doesnít. I highly doubt that only a handful fans rush to the newsstand to buy up all the copies at five bucks a pop.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to go that route (whoever I'm talking to): Shawn and Mimi, for example, were getting pretty high praise a couple of years ago. SOD covers galore, presentations on the Emmys, letters, fanbase, Campaigns of the Month.............But, I don't think that was regarded because of what is perceived to be Corday's insistence of Shelle forever.

I donít remember covers galore or high praise.

Right now, based on boards (yes, another inaccurate measurement, but if you get yours, I get mine), Nicole and EJ are getting high kudos. There are people who are anticipating, though, being disappointed because, yes, Days will cave probably to the loudest.

Iím not a fan of Sami and EJ or of Nicole and EJ but I do see much more chemistry in the later pairing mentioned than in then in the first. I don't believe for a second that Days has paid much if any attention to fan mail, email or what is or isn't being said on message boards around the net. Caring what the fans want or think went out the window when Betty Corday retired and Days has been on that downhill slope ever since.

And, truly, if you look at a lot of the boards and online commentaries (by folks who do write for the magazines, besides the usual suspects), not everyone is enamoured by John and Marlena. I'm willing to bet that many are more enamoured with a good storyline, which is PROBABLY why Days might have trouble attracting new viewers? I'd be willing to bet the farm that if Lexie and Abe had a good storyline, CONSISTENT, with DECENT publicity, and new viewers came in, they wouldn't throw such a fit. Same with Nicole.

Of course everyone isnít enamored by John and Marlena, thatís true with every character and couple on the show obviously. Iíve mentioned to someone else here at DR but maybe you didnít read it so Iíll tell you, simply because you see the J&M banner at the bottom of my posts doesnít mean they are the only characters/couple I like on Days and shouldnít be assumed as so. The fact that most everyone wants the storylines to be good for whoever is a gimme. Do you really think that Days has time to attract new viewers in its current state? With cancellation looming and that NBC only gave the show a year on their last renewal and is way behind in announcing if they will renew again and for how long. If everyone had CONSISTENT and DECENT storylines the entire show would be better off. Iím sorry but I donít buy that if only so and so were in a good story the viewers would flock to watch and so and so would be on top. Do ever wonder why it is that even though stuck in dreadful storyline after dreadful storyline, or having no storyline at all for long periods of time that certain so and soís stay on top? Or that certain other characters have been featured in the past and failed to create a buzz. Oh right, itís only a handful of fans writing thousands of letters.

Oh, and by the way, Marlena started out as a supporting character, too. Remember Mickey's shrink when he thought he was Marty? No, you probably don't.

The ďNo, you probably donítĒ made me chuckle, and you know this how? Yes, I do know that Marlena was brought in as Mickeyís therapist as a supporting player, primarily because I WATCHED IT when it aired. Did you? And did you know that the role wasnít necessarily permanent? Did you also know that even before that storyline had played out the character of Marlena was fast becoming a lead character? Ted Corday saw it right away and said so in the press. You do remember when and why Mickey was put in Bayview right? Apparently not. If so then you would know he wasnít Marty Hanson then, heíd already regained his memory and was there for an entirely different reason.

OK, my rant is over. It's very obvious I disagree. I think, though, Days has nothing to lose by trying these folks in a good storyline. Maybe, for once, it's time they catered to the GENERAL fans whose lives don't depend on certain people getting frontburnered?

I completely disagree. Days has already tried ďthese folksĒ in stories and more than once. GENERAL fans whose lives don't depend on certain people getting frontburnered? So you honestly think that ďcertain fansĒ lives depend on whoís frontburnered or not? LOL

yes, I'm bitchy. I'll admit it. I'm tired of people thinking certain characters aren't worthy based on the supposed rights to entitlement of Salem. It's been a while since Abe and Lexie have had a decent storyline. Would life come to a crashing halt if they got a nice B storyline to themselves for once?

I find it odd that you donít seem to have the same problem when it comes to people thinking that just because Abe and Lexie or whoever has been on Days X number of years that it automatically entitles them to be in a frontburner storyline. Itís been a while since anyone has had a decent story on Days period. Iím not sure why you seem to think that anyoneís life is depends on or would come to a crashing halt because of a soap or itís characters, that just seems a bit absurd to me.
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