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If the show didn't keep making the news for it's budget problems, I wouldn't mind two new actors coming in. I'm not against new characters at all (or recasts). Of course, it goes without saying I want them to be talented first and foremost. Marcus Patrick was the worst actor I've seen in years, please no more of him.

However, I don't know if it's a good idea to hire two new actors while making news they are having to let actors go. Like anyone, I don't want to see my personal favorites leave. But to be honest, even characters I'm not thrilled about like Chloe I would rather keep around then getting rid of her and bringing in someone new. I'd rather stick with the devil I know then the one I don't.

Since one of the new guys is Brady, that doesn't solve the issue of so much incest in Salem. Sure we have the FBI agent to mix things up....but the only person I really would care to see thrown to him is Stephanie let's face it, they are never gonna break up Stax. (sadly).

So it's just frustrating. I see signs of hte show improving. I make peace with decisions I don't approve of like getting rid of Morgan but with damned rumors of two more actresses going along with a vet, how can hiring these guys help them with the budget?
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