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Sep 23 2008, 09:35 PM
Man, they could do so many things with the people they AREN'T using on the show than they could do with these two.

I have personally wanted to see Mickey more involved, since we haven't really seen him utilized much at all. Maggie, Doug, Julie. And maybe a recast of Shawn (a good, non-Passions one please) and bring back Martha as Belle, along with that cute little Claire and you'd have a good show.

Yet they just keep doing this shit. Saying there are "budget problems" and then firing some useful cast members... then pointlessly adding more people to the cast.

Here's an idea: Use what you have and use it effectively. The ratings could possibly go up and when that happens, you can get your budget to where you feel comfortable. And hopefully create a diverse show with some depth of cast and character.

It's really sad that they can find good talent like Darin, Blake, Molly Burnett, Kristen Renton, and Rachel Melvin.. yet they can turn around and hire two Passions washouts that have no talent. I can't really believe that THOSE two were the best out there they could get for the parts. Couldn't they have gotten Josh Duhon for one of these roles instead? He'd be a much better idea than Gering and he'd probably get Days some press too. Then there's Lindze Leatherman, who is out there and has surprisingly not been picked up by ANYONE. Etc. Etc. Etc.
I would LOVE to see more Mickey, Maggie, Doug and Julie. I would especially much rather watch them in meaty storylines than the teen crowd.

How does everyone here know Kenny Corday's vacation schedule??
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