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Sep 23 2008, 10:27 PM
Everyone needs to calm down and give Eric and Galen a chance.

While I do not think they were the best actors on PASSIONS, look at the level of crap they had to deal with. Perhaps interacting with better actors and better written material will give us a chance to see a side of them we never did before.

I am not going to write them off that is for sure, not until I see them on my screens for a good 2-3 weeks.
Same here.

This is coming from someone who watched them and bashed them at times. Galen CAN be good. It's much like Peck, Fath, Storms, etc. If the role suits him, he can be very good and I do think alot of the time he just was turned off by the material. In Passions' early days, he was usually solid and then he seemed to get lazy, probably because Shuis just kept going nowhere. Once he got paired with Fancy, he came to life again until that went nowhere after awhile either. Days is a different show so he will likely be inspired because stories don't drag out like that and he is working on a show that has been on for 43 years and with a great cast.

Martsolf worries me but he has the look. He never showed me anything so that is a big concern but, as i have mentioned, he is similar to Lowder in how he hams up the screen. Lowder only shows acting range when he has an edge. Otherwise, he was just hamming up the screen and that works for Martsolf. Martsolf is like Peck IMO. He will need the material to make him good IMO. We'll see. Maybe he will be a surprise. I think I can tolerate him though. I'm worried about the whole "unresolved issues with Chloe" thing. I would much prefer Lucas/Chloe/Philip but I have a feeling Lucas and/or Philip are goners. I never had a problem with Broe singing when it was in context. If they were singing Christmas carols or on stage, it was fine. That "Sound of Music" thing as cute in a way but made no sense. No one memorizes all that off the cuff so it didn't work. When they had a reason to sing and it was in the right context, I liked it so I have no problem with them doing it again as long as their is a purpose for it.

I don't think we can go with what Higley has done in the past because many have said that this whole year and she hasn't gone with past patterns. If she did, Lumi would be together and Bo and Hope would both be out of work at the PD and so on and so forth. I do think Galen may be similar to John McBain but he will in no way take over the show. That was on Frons. Frons wanted Easton. Higley's Days is quite balanced and Days already has it's idea of John McCain in terms of getting loads of airtime and that is James Scott.

We'll see what happens. I have no issue with people being upset about this. I'm just going to wait and see what happens. I do think we can blame it on JER because even actors on Days stopped trying at certain points. Remember Melissa Reeves? How about Drake and Dee? I won't even go into how they are to blame as well but JER's writing isn't exactly inspiring so I can see why Galen and Eric may have stopped trying. Days is different and I expect them to bring whatever they have and then we can truly see how talented they really are.
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