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I no longer think Burnett can be considered.

The show wants to keep it's young set. I think Renton somehow tied in with the Scott/Higley drama. It makes no sense to continue to push Melanie as a character only to get rid of her. Corday likes his young characters and they are building a triangle so I think Burnett and Melvin is safe. Hennig seems to be a Corday fave, as does Stax, so I think they are good, I think.

I don't think Jay is the vet because it is being said that the vet is being fired. Why fire Jay when his contract is up in January? They can just drag it out and let it end. No need to fire him. They haven't negotiated him yet so perhaps they will just do that. Who knows but the vet is said to be on the bubble for being fired so I would leave Jay out.

This news seems to make it sound like the vet is no longer on the bubble and will actually be gone. I think it will be Bryan. Lucas is working at Titan now so I have this feeling maybe Lucas will go to work for Titan overseas after Chloe breaks his heart. Maybe he will get custody of Allie and go live with Will, Carrie, and Austin and work out there. Makes sense.

I also think it could be Josh, which would explain why the vet is "on the bubble." Roman has nothing right now and I think Corday may finally have to realize he has to cut where he has to cut.

As for the other actress, no clue. It could still be Lauren. They may just be trying to keep it a secret. I mean, if Bryan is being axed and Jay may be leaving, Kate has no family but Chelsea so I can see it.

I do think Renton counts in this. If she doesn't, then this issue opens up even more.
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