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I would have guessed the decision would be that she would be leaving town .. makes sense ... but I read that she will be on through the holidays, so idk.

I am not at all convinced that Sami is at the point now to confess her "love" for EJ. Just not getting any warm and fuzzies between them lately. Not that I ever really did, but I could admit for awhile there that it was clear Sami was torn between her love for Lucas and her feelings for EJ. I am just not seeing "love" playing out on my screen right now. "The truth" could have something to do with the pregnancies, or the twins ... "the decision" could have something to do with custody agreements, or Sami choosing to be on her own .. putting her out of sight, but still technically "around" until she leaves to have her baby. IDk, its hard to speculate with something so vague ... really jonesing for spoilers right about now ...
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