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Sami & Nicole: Both Pregnant by EJ

Sami and Nicole both receive the same shocking news this week: They're expecting.

Nicole finds out first, "Clearly, she's not tuned into her own body if she's throwing up all over the places." laughs Arianne Zucker (Nicole). "She goes to see Dr. Jonas and he says, 'You're going through withdrawal because you're throwing up all of your alcohol.' Then he says. 'Nothing wrong with you, you're pregnant' and she's like 'Are you kidding me?' "

Sami finds out after she faints at the DiMera mansion and Lucas takes her to the hospital for a checkup. "It shows that no matter what's between them, they ultimately truly care fir each other." notes Alison Sweeney (Sami). "And I think that's a really important step in their development." While waiting for the results of her blood test. Lucas and Sami grow closer. And then the doctor delivers the news. "Sami is completely shocked." says Sweeney. "at first, she is rationally insists that it's not possible. Lucas quickly reminds her of when it could have happened and she is even more upset knowing it from that one night. There are so many fears - not to mention she's divorced, again, and she two infants at home. Not exactly ideal timing."

Nicole plans a date with EJ at the manse. and runs into John. She shares her happy news. "They're like the Odd Couple" observes Zucker. "She realizes in an old quirky way that she can trust him. she can understand him being an outcast." EJ comes down for dinner and Nicole is about to tell him about the baby when Lucas calls to say that Sami is in the hospital. EJ rushes off. "she has this fantasy that when she sees him, she's going to tell him and it's going to be perfect and he's going to be so happy." says Zucker. "But no matter what, he keeps walking out on her. He will always walk away from her."

When EJ gets to the hospital, Sami doesn't tell him what's going on. "She is in panic mode and doesn't know what to do, it's still sinking in," says Sweeney."Her current situation with EJ is so up in the air. She hasn't had time to think out a strategy yet."

Sweeney, who is due to give birth to her second child, a daughter, in January, is thrilled they're writing the pregnancy in "I am excited." she exclaims. "It was very difficult for the crew and cast to shoot around my pregnancy last time. The 'Austin Powers' thing was funny,at first, but it gets old quickly. This way, we won't have to worry about it, and it sounds like they have a very interesting story cooked up!"

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