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Good news about Jay. At least he has been approaches and he said he isn't against anything. It sounds good on both sides. It seems to me he may just want to be able to do outside projects or perhaps maybe he's waiting to hear about future story. Jay made it sound like they are coming together on things. Things seem optimistic. Since it appears they are working on Jay, I would say we can take him out of contention as the bet. Never thought he was anyway. The person is being fired and Jay's contract is up so no firing would be needed there. I have to say it's looking more and more like Bryan, especially after Thursday's show.

On that same topic, the Lumi direction that is explicit in this article seems to fly in the face of that. I have to wonder if something is going to happen to Lucas. Wasn't there supposed to be a catastrophe of some kind involving Morgan, Philip, Chloe, Sami, Lucas, Nicole, and EJ? I know Morgan is going but so far everything else in the Fall Previews has come through. It makes me wonder if one of these women is going to lose their babies in this catastrophe and maybe something happens to Lucas too, driving Sami out of Salem. I just thought of something too...Kate has lung cancer. I''m not familiar with the disease but does anyone think maybe something happens to Lucas and he donates a lung to Kate? I just have this feeling that Lucas may end up dead. The show is being too quiet about this "vet" possibly going and this Lumi direction just seems more like a setup to something other then reuniting them.

I don't like Sami being pregnant but this article makes it sound ok. I like the whole dynamic here. This all actually sounds interesting and it seems to actually have direction. Ali is pleased and I do have a feeling she pushed like hell for this and Days has to cave with all the support she has. This all does sound better then I thought. The Lumi stuff does make me wonder though.

Ari was so witty in the interview and both Ari and Ali seem excited, which is good. We haven't heard from the actors much and this has to be the first interview Ali has given in the mags in awhile. Things must be settling down now and the cast seems happy again. That's good to hear. I like Ejole but I don't mind some good conflict with them. This baby thing could be interesting for them.

I actually prefer Galen over Forbes March so happy they went with him. It seems the show just liked Eric and offered him the role of Brady, which they seemed to want to cast in the Spring.

The rest of the spoilers sound good. The show is really on a roll.
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