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Sep 24 2008, 09:59 PM
Am I the only one that is wondering why Nicole is and will continue to be so heavily featured?

Ari and Higley are supposedly very tight; hence the redemption of her character and the grooming of her to become the grande dame of the show.
Actually...Ali and Higley seemed to be tight during Higley's first go round. I don't have official sources but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice Sami and Lucas were really the only two characters who benefited from Higley's first run. Bope got story but theirs went downhill when we got the bounty hunter shit. Lumi had very good direction and setup under her.

Ari is being heavily featured because she has many fans, the character is interesting, she's one hell of an actress, and she has chemistry with everyone and can be involved in any story or pairing without having to worry about incest or the ick factor.

I'm disappointed Galen is here for Nicole. They will have chemistry but I wanted a new guy and fresh direction for Sami. It seems there is more to Trent so this should be interesting seeing what Galen's character will be getting involved in. Arianne looks similar to Mackenzie Westmore so the chemistry should be very good.
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