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Sep 24 2008, 10:08 PM
I think I heard that a few years ago Corday didn't want his cast doing that. Maybe it was that dude who was formerly head of Daytime.
All the possibilities............This would be a good year to feature some on ER, seeing as it's the last year for that show....there are actors with comedic bents that could be on The Office....
Mary Beth did an awesome job playing a doctor with just a shade of ethical questionability, which i thought was awesome.
I heard similar.

Days tapes sometimes at night (especially for big events and such) so he didn't want anything to interfere with availability. That and he was worried they would branch out too far and leave the show.

I'm glad he's letting them all do other things too. Mary Beth was good and I think that as long as it's on NBC, there shouldn't be an issue. It would be great to see Ari do 30 Rock or to see some stars on ER in it's last year.
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