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God, just get Lucas out of Sami's fucking orbit! You have a good thing going with Lucas and Chloe. Keep going. Lucas needs to be far away from Sami to help repair his character that's been damaged for the last 5 years.

I hate the fact that both Sami and Nicole are pregnant by EJ. While I would never wish a miscarriage on any woman in real life, I'm hoping that Sami miscarries her child and that is the exit story while Sweeney goes on maternity leave. It would just be a great dramatic impact to the storyline and it would cause conflict between EJ and Nicole still even though Sami wouldn't be there to personally be a thorn in their side. Maybe have Nicole and Sami in danger, EJ being the only one to save them and he saves Nicole, which ultimatly results in Sami losing her baby and blaing EJ for it. EJ would be plagued with guilt while Sami leaves town, and Nicole thinks they can be together, but EJ's pain doesn't allow him to be happy with Nicole.

So glad to hear Johnson is probably re-signing. IMO, he's the most talented younger male the show has to offer right now (aside from James Scott of course). It would be a huge loss to see him go.

Galen Gerring beat out Forbes March? Wow. I'm not saying March is the best actor or anything, but he's damn sure better than Gerring. Hopefully since Martsolf got a job in another role, maybe March will be cast as Eric.
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