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^I think most actors get it and, surprisingly enough, I do think some execs and writers get it. Not all but some.

I think the issue is higher ups, interference, and SOME fanbases. It's not so clear cut anymore. There are many factors involved and those factors hurt the soaps immensely.

We've seen in recent years how some soaps have taken the character-driven route and taken flak from fans for other reasons. The ratings don't seem to respond either and, while it seems TPTB have stopped looking at ratings as the end all to be all, they still look at them and this is still a business. Events tend to generate what little positive ratings any show gets nowadays so it's easy to fall back into event-driven story and those in charge can cite all this as justification for it.

The good news is that many soaps seem to not be worrying about it and are hoping that character-driven will do well for them in the end. Y&R, Days (I know some will disagree but this is just my opinion), AMC (slowly but surely improving), and OLTL (although not as much as a few months ago) all fall into that category for me. Hopefully, they will continue to improve and go in this direction and hopefully others will follow suit.
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