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Sep 24 2008, 11:48 PM
If we are allowed to speculate, what if Sami begs Lucas to pretend to be the father of this baby to protect it from the evil Stefano? Then EJ will think that they are over, and tries to move on with Nicole, but all the while they fight their attraction to each other.

Pheonix - I figured that they would write out Lucas or something like that...I didn't think that they would kill him off...but you always seem to call this stuff. I figured that with Chloe gone and Sami preggers with EJ's kid, Lucas would just disappear. But then this spoiler has Lucas and Sami re-bonding and building their relationship...so who knows what's next.

A few people seem to think that Nicole is the bigger threat to EJ/Sami, but in my mind, it has ALWAYS been Lucas. Sami was in love with Lucas, and he turned her down. I bet there might be some rekindling of their relationship, and they both go off together with the kids for Ali's maternity leave, but Ali comes back alone...with the truth about her new baby.

Did I mention that I hate speculation??? I am so bad at it!!! It is kinda fun though!
I'm neither a Lumi or Ejami, but I found it somewhat amusing when people were so certain that Lucas and Sami were done as a romantic pairing. The spoilers about them developing their relationship again really do not surprise me at all. Their break up was so ambiguous, Sami only tells EJ anything is possible because Lucas dumped her, and the Lucas/Chloe "relationship" was so rushed and thrown together that it seemed like a sheer plot device. For these reasons, and the long history of their story, I never saw Lucas as a serious threat to Phloe, and still don't. It was a given, for me, that he'd be reconnecting with Sami again soon enough.
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