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Sep 25 2008, 12:19 AM
Sep 24 2008, 11:13 PM
I could not disagree more with that bolded part. Lucas and Chloe are one of the biggest Days blunders that I have witnessed during my several years as a viewer.
Really? I agree that it's totally random to put these two together and the way they were brought together was beyond lame and lazy, but after seeing them for a while and getting used to them, I just feel that the two actors play off each other well. Bryan and Nadia are not the best actors and when placed with other counterparts, who are better skilled than them it really comes off and you can see it. But when you throw two not so great actors together, it just works, at least for me it did. Those scenes between Lucas and Chloe at the pub before heading to the cabin, and then those scenes at the cabin made me a fan of theirs.
I agree.

It was a rough beginning but the recent stuff with them has been very good and I like the realistic conflict of Allie coming between them.

However, I do think they were a Ed Scott idea. Hence why they have been offscreen and why now we are going back to Phloe. My only hope is that if Lucas and Chloe do end soon, the show just doesn't sleep it under the rug. Lately they haven't been doing that with stories they have wrapped up and I hope that continues.
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