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Both of EJ's women learn they are pregnant this week, as first Nicole and then Sami receive the news from their doctors. Arianne Zucker (Nicole) is pleased with the twist and looking forward to the fallout.

SOW: So Nicole and Sami are both pregnant. What are your thoughts on the story?

AZ: I chuckled a little when I found out. It's like doing a double whammy. I mean, did fans really expect Nicole and Sami both to be pregnant? That's kind of fun.

SOW: Are you excited about the plot implications?

AZ: Yes. I'm very excited my character is pregnant. She never has been before. She's never even attempted to have children. And with Sami being pregnant at the same time, it should make for a great story. That's inevitable with Sami and Nicole. There's quirky energy between the two characters. That's always fun. Then there's the constant battle and conflict between them. This is just one more thing to add to their drama.

SOW: What is Nicole's initial reaction when the doctor tells her she's having a baby?

AZ: Nicole thinks she's sick from eating Caroline's clam chowder, that the clams were bad. Then the doctor says she's pregnant. She's like, "You have got to be flipping kidding me!" Nicole doesn't think it's possible. She'd had been told she couldn't have children.

SOW: Is she happy about the news?

AZ: Nicole is thrilled to be pregnant, and especially with EJ's baby. She's truly in love with him. With everything happening lately - the situation with Victor, Trent ruining her life, and pining over EJ - the idea of having this baby is wonderful. She'll finally have something that is hers and someone she can love unconditionally. It's kind of sad and wonderful at the same time.

SOW: Nicole runs in to EJ and they end up planning a dinner date at the DiMera mansion. What happens when she gets there?

AZ: Nicole's very excited to tell EJ she's pregnant. She wants to have a family with him.

SOW: But she never gets the chance. EJ gets a call saying Sami is at the hospital and bolts, leaving Nicole alone at the candlelit table!

AZ: How sad is that? EJ and Nicole barely get ten minutes together - ever. Sami is constantly pulling EJ away from Nicole. Now Nicole is looking forward to this date and EJ gets plucked away from her again. By guess who? Sami! It's frustrating. Nicole is ready to explode.

SOW: Does she have second thoughts about telling EJ her news?

AZ: Nicole is thinking, "I don't want this in my life. Is EJ ever going to be around for this child? Maybe this child would be better off not knowing who is father is. Maybe I should do this by myself." Nicole is confused. She doesn't want this kind of thing for the rest of their lives, where Sami calls and EJ goes running.

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