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Sep 25 2008, 09:17 AM
Sep 25 2008, 07:32 AM
My first impression on reading this article is that Sami and Lucas are working out a friendship between them, not a romance. They were friends first--and I liked them best as friends. With Sami pregnant with an EJ baby, I don't think Lucas is going to want any kind of romantic relationship with her again. In fact, this article reinforces my feeling that Lucas is the vet rumored to be leaving, especially with JKJ close to re-signing. They will probably go back to a Philip/Chloe/Brady triangle, and that will leave Lucas with no story. If they do revisit a Lucas/Sami/EJ triangle or bring in Nicole and make it a quad, then heaven help us because the Lumi/EJami stuff has been completely overdone.

Phoenix, you make an interesting point about killing off Lucas and using his lung to help Kate. I don't know if such a thing is even feasible for lung cancer, but this is DAYS we're talking about and none of the usual medical rules seem to apply. While I would find it surprising that they would kill off Lucas, it would make an interesting story and send some things in a new direction.
BUT, lately (and I don't know if it's a Scott thing or a Higley thing), they have tried to be more accurate in regards to medical issues. For instance, Bo's pancreatic problem DOES exist in real life. They're actually giving a name to Kate's condition and emphasizing it can happen to a seemingly healthy woman who doesn't smoke. If they keep up this route, then they'll probably investigate this a little further. This isn't like the JER days when Jack would keep coming up with unnamed fatal illnesses that get miraculously cured.
As far as that goes, according to this, it's NOT recommended for lung cancer. Although, the spoilers say Dan SUSPECTS Kate has lung cancer. Do any spoilers come out and say she HAS lung cancer?
Very good point. You're right; they have been making the medical stories more realistic, but we don't know who was responsible for that. I hope it wasn't just Ed Scott but they keep going that route. A lot of viewers are dealing with real illness in their lives and it's disrespectful to them when the medical issues are trivialized.

As for Kate, it's possible she doesn't have lung cancer and the spoilers have been misleading us. I would be fine with that because I like to remain unspoiled but am too weak-willed to stay out of some of the threads about them! Maybe she does have a condition that would be cured by a lung transplant and that theory will actually play out; however, I must say that I'm not a Lucas fan at all and I still feel a little queasy about speculating about his demise!
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