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Sep 25 2008, 11:32 AM
Sep 25 2008, 10:39 AM
I guess it is simply impossible that Lumi could eventually reunite, Ejole could ultimately get together, and Phloe could reunite .. leaving Brady as a temporary stumbling block for Phloe round3 ? I mean, of course this MUST mean that BD is getting the axe, right, because Lumi is totally dead? I just don't think so. If Lumi were dead, they would leave them that way, not bring Lucas in to be there for Sami at a time like this. I honestly do not think that BD is going anywhere, and I have never believed for a second that Ejami would end up together. Let's see, Nicole finds out she is pregnant and immediately wants to tell EJ and is thrilled about it, even though she has previously believed that she would be a horrible mother. Meanwhile, Sami finds out she is pregnant, has to be reminded by Lucas as to when it occurred, panics, is upset about it, and has to think and scheme before she tells EJ. Hmmm ... I don't know, call me crazy, but that doesn't sound like Ejami love to me.
I don't know if we'll end up with Lumi, Ejami, Phloe, Broe, Ejole or any other combination of names and initials...however, I do think that with the addition of two new male characters in the age range of Nicole, Sami and Chloe that the field is getting a little crowded. Unless these new contract roles are short-term, someone's probably going to have to go. I'm not throwing out Bryan's name just because I don't like the character of Lucas but because I see him as the one who's being used the least right now. Before the news broke about the hiring of two 30-something actors, I was thinking it may be Josh Taylor who is the "beloved vet" leaving and maybe that will be the case or it will be someone else entirely. At this point it's all just speculation based on the very little information we have.
The 30 something crowd is very crowded now with the addition of these two actors .... I suspected that Phillip/JKJ and Lucas/BD were the ones on the bubble - JKJ looked the most vulnerable with the character of Morgan leaving Salem .... but now with the news that Phliip/JKJ seems safe. My guess is it is Bryan/Lucas that will be saying good bye to Salem.


or it could be


Nicole could get involved with (the FBI guy or Brady again) or she could continue to fight for EJ
Chloe could drop Lucas and go back to Phllip and Brady could come back and try to win his wife back

I suppose that Lucas could come back to the EJ/Sami/Lucas triangle - but been there done that ....and it seems like Chloe/Lucas relationship is about over. I don't think we need all of these guys BD/GG/EM - all of whom play the same type of persona (Beefcake).

I think the nail in the coffin of the Lucas character is that the ratings actually went up when he was gone for months and went down the week after he came back ... granted this may not have anything to do with the ratings ... but that's the problem the character of Lucas leaving would not affect anything accept give them salary savings ....

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