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That's true. But the other thing is that they seem to be edging him out of all his potential storylines. They're replacing him in the Lucas/Chloe/Philip triangle with Brady. Philip isn't even mad at Lucas, which is amazing considering that Phloe hadn't actually broken up before the elevator scenes. Lumi getting closer should end the Allie custody battle. And if they were going to reunite them, you'd think they'd leave at least the possibilty that Lucas is the father of Sami's child. It wouldn't be the first time a baby was conceived off screen. Instead, they're slamming the door closed by having him be at the hospital.

I agree that Lucas is being edged out of basically every storyline. The Chlucas experiment is clearly about to end so he's out of that triangle. (I'd disagree somewhat that Philip isn't angry at him--there was tension back when he found out about it, and Philip giving Lucas a job wouldn't be the first time he hooked up someone with a job that might keep him out of town, like he did with Shawn.) Anyway, even Lucas's place in Kate's life is being marginalized somewhat; in the past it probably would have been Lucas, not Philip, who insisted Kate go to the hospital; Lucas, not Philip, who was pissed about Daniel and Kate. Instead Lucas is being left out of much of that.

The only place on the canvas I see for Lucas coming up is if he's back with Sami in some capacity. But AS is going to be on maternity leave soon, although not soon enough for me, so what then?
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