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Sep 25 2008, 02:35 PM
I just pray Sami loses the baby...3 kids is enough for that woman....I would love for Sami and Lucas to get into a huge accident and Sami loses the baby and Lucas dies...Thus sending Sami out of town for her maternity leave...That would be a huge story...I've always liked Lucas, but i'd be okay with him being the vet thats out..
Brilliant idea and I have a feeling we may get something like this.

Lumi becoming close again, Ali's pregnancy being written in so late in the game, Kate's illness, Sami pregnant again while Nicole is as well, a need for Sami to be off the canvas, Phloe coming together...too much is working against Lucas and the Fall previews said there would be some sort of catastrophe with Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole/Philip/Chloe/Morgan. Morgan may be gone but so far everything else has been onscreen as far as the previews go so I suspect the catastrophe will too.

Lucas and Sami are in an accident. She loses the baby, Lucas dies (perhaps maybe Kate needs a lung transplant and he can give it to her), EJ is brought closer to Sami...so many angles. Sami leaves to be with Will during this difficult time and to deal with things. It makes so much sense and creates so much story, even for Kate. It would make for a killer sweeps story too.
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