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Sep 25 2008, 11:41 AM
That Nicole/Brady/Chloe triangle post-Melaswan was so stupid beyond words. I hated it because what I think JER had as an actually intriguing story(Brady and Nicole, but all of Nicole's schemes thrown in) from 2003-2004, then in 2005 it turned just awful. It felt contrived, plot-driven, and also isolated from everyone else. Nicole didn't start interacting with that many people until Brady and Chloe left. So yes, I'd take Phloe anyday over Broe.
It sure was, although the story was a mess to begin with since they let Nadia come and go. That is why they had to keep dragging things out and stopping and picking the story up again. You can't do a story when you don't have the actress most of the time.

I'm optimistic too about all this. This is the way you influence the show as an EP. Focus on the technical while also SUGGESTING things. If the HW is being difficult, then go to Corday or Sony or whoever. Don't break the damn rules. I agree with Tomlin in that Phloe have chemistry. I would rather have Philip and Morgan but I can deal as Phloe is a whole lot better then Broe given the way Broe was when they left.

Look forward to seeing these scenes. Not surprised Morgan gets a hasty exit. Clearly once Scott left she lost the main reason why she was still around. I'm happy with how Phloe are being revisited though. It started today and seems to be happening gradually, which is good.
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