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WTF no discussion yet?

I actually quite enjoyed the 2 hour premiere.

I'm okay with both boots lastnight. Michelle was a total bitch and I really couldn't stand that sour face on her. And I was shocked by how coldly she threw Ken under the bus with him at the challenge. Gillian was sweet but it was obvious how weak she was.

Here's some thoughts of the other players...

Ace: Thought he was quite good. I could see him winning this game even though he's on the outside of his tribe.

Bob: I could see him going quite far. He seems very liked by the rest of his tribe.

Charlie: I find him hilarious. It's hilarious watching his mega crush on Marcus.

Corinne: She's trying to hard to be the bitch of the season.

Crystal: I was shocked she struggled in the first challenge. But I really do like her.

Dan: I really liked him as well. It would of sucked if he got voted out for not having the idol.

CG: Kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

Jacquie: A bit boring. But she did good by alligning with Bob/Corinne/Charlie/Marcus

Sugar: Can't stand her. That laugh makes me want to strangle her.

Kelly: WHO? Seriously, was she even on lastnight?

Ken: One of my favorites on the red tribe. Hopefully, he can survive.

Marcus: I totally see him flirting with Charlie to help him out in the game. He's my early pick to win the game.

Matty: Annoying.

Paloma: She was sweet with the little airtime she got.

Randy: Ugh I couldn't stand him lastnight. Easily my least favorite.

Susie: She seems nice but she's probably a goner soon.

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