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Wow.. no many comments?!

Darrah, loved your comments! :D And I gotta say, I kinda agree with most of what you said! And OMG, seriously, Kelly who!? Everyone got some airtime except her. I don't even know how she looks like. She's blond, right?

Okay, but first thing first.

Tribe division. Seriously, Fang annoyed me right away! Gillian picks Crystal, Crystal picks Susie?!? WTF?! SUSIE?! I was even shocked that Gillian picked Crystal, but then Susie?! I wanted them to lose just because of that.

The only person I actually like on the Red team is Kenny. And to some extent Dan. I was shocked when they started considering voting him off. Although, I am impressed how the Red team made their hook. Nice job! Oh and I don't mind GC actually. It was funny how everyone blamed him for stepping off of the leader position, when no one else wanted to be leader either.

Yellow team is great. I love Charlie/Marcus/Corrine/Jackie alliance. Charlie is hilarious! :lol:

Challenges have been kinda mah so far though.

And Jeff wore a GREEN shirt, not a blue one at the tribal! That doesn't happen often! lol

It was an okay premiere. Hope it gets even better. I'm fine with who left, although I would have voted Gillian off first.
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