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I think it's very possible that BD could be the one on the bubble. As far as it being JS, there is no way in h&ll TPTB would fire him, he's way to popular. JS could not resign, but that would have nothing to do with the rumor we're talking about. As far as JKJ, I was a little concerned by his interview where he said he had not been approached, but based on this last piece of info where it sounds like their close to working a deal, I feel pretty confident he's staying.

I think we're moving towards a Phillip/Chloe/Brady triangle, apparently the Lucas/Chloe thing wasn't working, because I was thinking it was going to be Lucas/Chloe/Phillip...but it appears its going a different direction.

As far as Lumi, I don't see TPTB revisiting them. I think that ship has sailed. I honestly think the upcoming scenes with BD and AS at the hospital are for closure to the Lumi relationship. They haven't had that yet. All they've done is fight. I think TPTB moved on to Sami/EJ/Nicole and that's what we'll be seeing playing out for the next couple of months. I mean if there were any hope for Lumi why would they write Sami pg with EJ's child?

Now I know anything can happen, but right now I'm not seeing much storyline for BD....but if I were in charge I think I'd be trying to address his alcoholism in relation to Nicole and her obvious drinking problem....I think that could be a really good story if done right........Ooops there's where I messed up..........thinking a story could be done right!!!
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