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They should bring Martha back and pair her with PHILLIP.

Jay and Martha had amazing chemistry and know how to heat up the screen. I think part of the reason ratings were better earlier this year is people were tuning in hoping the show would continue with their love story. Instead, TPTB did an about face and shipped off Belle and Shawn into happily ever after land.

I think it would be easy to bring Belle back. Just have her and Claire come back and have her say that things didn't work out. That she hoped she and Shawn could get over her affair with Phillip but that Shawn, in the end, couldn't get past it. Then, after awhile, more comes out and we see that Belle still has feelings for Phillip and that Shawn D realized it and didn't want to be with a woman who's heart wasn't 100% committed to him.

Brooding Shawn is still sailing the world. Every once and awhile, it is mentioned that Claire is on a visit to see her "daddy" to show Shawn is keeping up a relationship with her.

That's been the issue with this show too is that they refuse to let characters move on which is necessary to breathe new life into them and keep them interesting. In real life, people change and move on and don't get over everything just like that. People don't stay together or keep getting back together over and over again.
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