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Sep 26 2008, 01:36 PM
As far as Lumi, I don't see TPTB revisiting them. I think that ship has sailed. I honestly think the upcoming scenes with BD and AS at the hospital are for closure to the Lumi relationship. They haven't had that yet. All they've done is fight. I think TPTB moved on to Sami/EJ/Nicole and that's what we'll be seeing playing out for the next couple of months. I mean if there were any hope for Lumi why would they write Sami pg with EJ's child?

That was my feeling when I read about the upcoming Lucas/Sami scenes. I don't think they are going to be romantic scenes at all but maybe they will reconcile their anger towards each other and find their way back to the friendship they originally had. Making Sami pregnant with another EJ baby looks like the final nail in the Lumi coffin.
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