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Sep 26 2008, 06:20 PM
As someone who has watched Days since day one I have to see I have never seen Days so bad as it is now. The s/l are shallow, the flow of the s/l are sloppy. Dena H. is feeding into the younger generation by how she writes. She really has no respect for the older fans and the vets as far as I can see. I am very disappointed in how she is writing this show. I will watch a show and it is good for one day and then the next day is sucks. There is no consistency in the writing and the s/l. I am just so disappointed in how the show is being managed. I am a huge J&M fan and what they have done to them sickens me at times. Dee andDrake are the best actors on the show and they are able to give great performances even with mediocre diagloue is a huge tribute to their talent.

I believe that until they get rid of Dena h. and put someone in that knows how to write good s/l with romance, mystery, and drama Days will continue to go up and down in the ratings. We need good Character driven s/l that should not be hard to wiite with all the talent they have on this show, but sadly Dena H. is a horrible writer and will never be able to write well for Days.
:applause: ITA! I've been there since day one with you and your analysis of the erratic and shallow writing is right on. I'm hanging in by my finger tips, but (with a few exceptions) watch out of duty... not excitement or enjoyment.
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