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Sep 26 2008, 06:08 PM
Unless they are putting Lucas back in with EJ/Sami then what is there for Lucas to do?

It's clear the show is moving Chloe back in with Phillip and then they will throw Brady into that mix. They are going to have Lucas involved too? So three men for Chloe??? Isn't that a bit much?

Plus with Galen coming on to play an FBI agent with the hots for Nicole, I just don't see Lucas fitting in there either and, otherwise, there are no love interests for Lucas.

I don't know if Bryan is the "vet" on the bubble but I would be shocked if the show didn't get rid of Bryan, at this point. He was gone for three months and ratings went up during the time he was gone and when he came back, ratings went down. So it's not like he has a large enough following where cutting him/not cutting him are going to make much of a difference in viewership. That could be said about a lot of Days characters these days so it's no slight to BD particularly.

Lucas is just played out. It would be better for the show to move on and make time for some new blood or to let the older vets have more time.
What if they are putting Lucas back with Sami? Then the actor on the bubble could be James Scott. :scared:

Just messing with ya! :P While its true James might decide not to renew his contract later I don't think he's done so yet.

I know that the show went on record as saying that Lauren Koslow has not been let go but would they be lying if they just didn't renew her contract before January? Her contract is due the same month as JKJ's and anything about her renegotiating.

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