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Sep 26 2008, 09:06 PM
If one miscarries, I hope it's Sami for several reasons. One, Sami needs an exit from the show so that Alison Sweeney can start her maternity leave. Sami miscarrying can devestate her, causing her to take a sabbatical elsewhere. Maybe she'll go to Denver and visit Eric and her grandparents. Maybe she'll go to Switzerland to see Will, Carrie and Austin. Second, it gives more drama, especially if the fall previews pertaining to something catastrophic going on between this storyline and say maybe, both Nicole and Sami are in danger and EJ is only able to save one. Maybe he saves Nicole, and can't get to Sami, which causes her to miscarry. That would also affect EJ, and push him away from Nicole maybe. And finally, Nicole doesn't need to miscarry. Give the girl a damn child if you're going to go back and make her be able to have children. Don't just change that history just to make her miscarry the baby. That's just wrong.
Agree on all points.

It makes no sense to have Nicole be the one, unless you want her to go nuts or go back to being a crazy vixen but all the redemption and character development would be wasted during that.

Just have it be Sami. It's perfect for all involved. As Kev suggested in the other thread, have this so called catastrophe be a big accident where Lucas dies and Sami's baby dies and then you have a huge story that sends Sami off the canvas and shakes things up.

This looks ok. I expected it to be worse. I don't mind Nicole being pregnant. Sami's bugs me to no end but we'll see what happens.
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