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Sep 26 2008, 07:59 PM
I think it was DrewH who proposed a scenario whereby Lucas dies and Kate gets his lung(s). I could actually see that happening.
It was me that mentioned it after Kev mentioned Lumi getting in a bad accident with Sami losing her baby and Lucas dying. It would be a terrific story for sure and could propel Sami off on her leave. Major drama there.

I do think there is an element of truth to the idea that the show may not have a decision yet as to the vet. Remember, it was said they are "on the bubble." The person was not fired yet. No one may be doing but I tend to think some have to with Galen and Eric coming in.

The bigger question is who is the actress who was fired with Renton? That person was said to be actually fired so that name should've leaked by now. It's been nearly a month. Either the show has some big thing coming that is a secret and they don't want to spoil it or maybe they changed their minds about who is going or they have to wait to hear how much they need to cut or something. Their either keeping it a secret for storyline reasons or have reservations about actually doing it. Since Friday is usually the day alot of Days news pops up (especially firings), I keep expecting to hear on a Friday about who has been axed but nothing yet.

My have no reading on who the other actress that was fired is. I suspected Nadia but with Brady returning and Philip possibly sticking around, no way. Or maybe Nadia was axed but Jay being in talks now changed things. Who knows. If a vet truly goes, it's probably going to be Bryan. I can see Lauren going after and if Shawn Christian leaves like I think he will but even then Roman is still around for her, although I would hate that. We'll see but Bryan is my pick for the vet who will be axed as of right now.
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