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Sep 26 2008, 04:42 PM
I would love, love, love for her to come back. DAYS just doesn't feel the same without her.

She is amazing. I wrote her out of King's DAYS, but my readers haven't seen the last of her. ;)
You should bring her back soon. The show usually follows what your blog does with many characters casting-wise :laugh: .

I would love her to return. She may just be visiting but with Brady returning and the J&M focus and Sami being pregnant and so on, there is reason to believe this could happen. Bope mentioned Shelle alot the week of their wedding in August. With Morgan gone, they could toss Belle in and have a run at Belle/Philip and toss Chloe and Brady in there since they are likely going there. No need for a Shane right now. I wouldn't recast again right now. Just Belle and Claire (played by the same actress).

I just don't know if Corday would bring her back without Shawn. That is why they got rid of them. Phelle and Shawn/Chloe were getting too many fans. I don't pin their firing on Higley at all, even if it was said to be a writing decision. It reeks of Corday.

It just goes to show you how far the character of Belle and even Shawn and Philip have come. It's weird to see many clamoring for them outside of their normal fanbases after so many years of them being bashed. Even up to as recently as a year ago, many fans didn't want them on as much or hated them. The late summer, fall, and this winter really helped all three characters and made them favorites. Hogan and his team are to thank for that, along with Ed Scott, and it continued after they left. What a difference some interesting storytelling (and risks) and good acting can do.

I just hope they give Phelle a shot if she does return. They had so much potential but with Corday I doubt it. He would likely recast Shawn again and go with a Shawn/Belle/Philip/Chloe/Brady story and maybe would even toss in another girl too for the hell of it.
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