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Sep 25 2008, 03:17 PM
Sep 25 2008, 10:49 AM
Sep 25 2008, 10:30 AM

I think I don't like this story very much because the way Ali has put it up...she didn't want to hide behind pillows and plants and purses, she didn't want to inconvenience the prop guys, etc.
What about what is good for the story and the character??? Sami doesn't need another child!!! And I can't think of too many people who want to see Sami pregnant again after the chaos of her last pregnancy!!!

Alligato, this is exactly my problem with this storyline. Well, that and I'm so tired and sick of Sami and I wish she would just fall off the face of the earth. But to me writing this storyline is to please AS--whether she "demanded" it be done or not--and it's completely destructive to the show as a whole. I for one do not want to watch Sami pregnant YET AGAIN. Do we need another DiBrady baby? No. Do we need Sami to have four children? No. And if EJami is coming, and I pray it is not, if this is the way to get them together, because EJ feels twice as much obligation because they now have twice as many children together. . . wow, that's romantic. I haven't felt any attraction between EJ and Sami in months and months, and I don't look for that to improve with this storyline.

I hate to say this about even a fictional character, but Sami miscarrying would make the storyline more tolerable to me. At least it would be different.
I agree with all of this, except I don't feel bad about wishing a miscarriage on Sami.
yes yes and yes. her comments on the story bothered me too. who gives two flips about the prop guys having to hide you behind things? in no way does her character being pregnant do anything for the storyline, and frankly, i'm shocked they caved and allowed her to be pregnant. for me, this is clearly a last minute decision, since the last time sami had sex was about five months ago.

anyhow, she has a child with ej, and one with lucas. that is enough. her having another one with ej just doesn't make sense. he's already obligated to her because of johnny. throwing another child in the mix doesn't change anything, or make it more interesting.

i'm very disappointed that she will not be off screen for long. i personally need a break from sami, and one for a few months, not a few weeks. every time she's on screen, i literally cringe, and i used to like her.
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