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Monday, September 29th
Nicole finds out that she's pregnant; Daniel and Kate discuss the possibility of lung cancer; Chloe and Philip flirt; Bo arrests Caroline for Trent's murder; at the murder scene, the medical examiner finds a fiber that belongs to the killer.

Tuesday, September 30th
Bo, Roman and Steve review Trent's murder and discuss possible suspects; Melanie and Max accuse each other of murdering Trent; Chelsea and Theo reunite at the hospital; Sami faints when she finds out about Caroline's incarceration.

Wednesday, October 1st
Bo is tempted to cut corners to get Caroline out of jail; Melanie looks for Victor, hoping he will help find the real killer; Nicole tells E.J. she has something important to tell him; Sami discovers she is pregnant.

Thursday, October 2nd
Nicole tells John that she's pregnant; E.J. cuts his date with Nicole short when he finds out that Sami's in the hospital; Daniel is determined to help Kate through her lung biopsy; Bo and Roman question Caroline.

Friday, October 3rd
Sami fights with E.J. when she is unable to tell him that she's pregnant with his child; Nicole tells John that she will still tell E.J. about her pregnancy; Morgan returns from visiting her mother and catches Chloe and Philip kissing.
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