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Sep 27 2008, 01:03 PM
thanks for posting the spoilers for the week of the 29th angie...uhhhhh okay they really need to stop having nicole on every single day. there are a couple of days this week i would watch but i see i wont be able to cause there she is with her pickled uterus, and her "ho is me" pity party, i love days of our lives, i hate days of the tragically misunderstood former porn star lives. you should never fundamentally change who a character is just to fit some plot when that happens you start bleeding viewers and this show has sliced several major veins wide open.
I really need to have you find my post comparing Nicole's episodes to Sami's last year. Nicole is nowhere NEAR what Sami did in terms of exposure for the year.
Uh, didn't they fundamentally change Sami there for a while? :huh: I guess it depends on whose ox gets gored, doesn't it?
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