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Sep 27 2008, 01:10 PM
Sep 27 2008, 12:36 PM
Nicole Dimera
Sep 27 2008, 12:25 PM
Nicole suffered during her marriage to Victor. He tortured her and she did bring some of it on herself. Nicole's punishment was not finding happiness and I think this time around she may get it. Time for things to change and that's what I think they are going with her story this time around which is why she's developing new relationships and saying she just wants to get it right this time around. I hope she does.
I agree that Nicole got some payback from Victor. I just don't think she's paid anywhere near as much as Sami has, and for worse crimes.

The way I see it Nicole paid in ADVANCE.

The reason I consider her forced 'child' porn and physical abuse as relevant is because it dictated how she behaved and treated herself once she was an adult
I would guess that Nicole is nearly a classic example of an incest survivor. The drinking, the low self-esteem even the way she prostituted herself in her marriages to Lucas and Victor. I'm not saying that it excuses her actions but it explains it in an all too realistic way.

What was Sami's excuse for keeping mum about Lexie's sketch breast cancer results? Oh yeah...she wanted to keep blackmailing Lexie so she could keep Austin. Why did she want Austin? Because her sisters always got the better toys.
Sami's excuse? She saw John and MArlena doing the hortizontal mambo on a conference table. :D
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