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You know, I'm not really understanding the Nicole arguments either. I think over the past few months seeing a different softer side of her has made me like her more, and showed me that Ari can actually out-act a shitload of the cast. She's always been comical, but lately she's been pulling off a lot of things I never thought she could. Now to an extent, I agree with those who think the more emotional side is taking over a bit with who she is...but do I think that's a bad thing? No. I really don't. If anything Nicole needed the extra layers when she first came on, but now that we've seen a few months of it, we're being shown a darker side to her. Her desires to kill Trent and take what she believes belongs to her. That's giving us both sides of the pancake when it comes to Nicole, and I love it. She's always been looking out for herself and that's what she continues to do. Nothing wrong with vulnerability, cause Nicole is still a bitch through and through.

Interesting segway, because I feel like over the past couples weeks or so Melanie was getting too soft on us and teary. I'm glad that on Friday we saw her spring back to her sense of humor and flirting with Nick. MB is capable of both, but I just prefer seeing the bitchy, witty, sarcastic acting from her than upset all the time. I don't want her to become too emo. Chelsea is a character who constantly goes from one extreme to another in the blink of an eye, and it makes me dislike her. I don't want that with Melanie.

Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea...tsk tsk. It's nice to have you back, but...please stop annoying me. I wish I could find some medium with this girl. She's always acting completely selfish, and while I agree that she has aright to be mad at Kate for keeping her PAST relationship with Daniel a secret, there's no excuse for the way Chelsea was belittling Kate's heath problems and caling her names. I don't even see the point in Chelsea continually going up to people and talking down about everyone when she's intentionally hurt people without looking back once. I mean, it's a tough thing to get through, of course, but Chelsea needs to just get over it. Yeah, it sucks you fooled youself into a relationship, and it's quite the misfortune, but GET OVER IT. Like Nick so awesomely said, she needs to stop feeling so sorry for herself.

I obviously enjoyed the Kate drama this week. I guess some of you think the connection with Daniel isn't as stong as it was, but I'm feeling and seeing it. Yeah, of course they're not going to be outright sexy or flirting while talking about coughing up blood and having lung cancer. The chem is different in those scenes. Over the summer I constantly got the vibe that Kate and Daniel were still attracted to each other despite him still being heavily involved with Chelsea. Now, I'm starting to see that they care about each other and it may not be just physical. That's a much more subtle thing to find in scenes and for actors to portray, which leads us into a whole new set of things to come. I believe Daniel's concern for Kate, and I'm glad that a man is showing a consistant interest in her. About time. She should've been beating guys off her with sticks this whole time.

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