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Sep 27 2008, 03:28 AM
I agree. The sight of Caroline being put in jail alone will have to be heartbreaking for the Bradys.
It is. I just watched it. It was very sad.

I could care less about the actual murder. The ripple effects is what I'm interested in and Monday was very good in that regard. Hell, they even used Caroline's situation to get Mickey, Maggie, Doug, and Julie more involved.

I should note that in the shows's final moments on Monday they do this montage-like scene where Hope explains the preliminary reports on Trent's body and Hope and Steve both note how it appears several people attacked Trent. They mention sharp fingernails scratching him and then cut to Nicole (who is playing with her nails the whole episode). They mention Trent's wallet being missing and cut to Melanie, who has the wallet. They mention Trent's knuckles being bruised and then cut to Nick and his bruised knuckles. Trent also underwent a beating and then they cut to Max and his bloody shirt. They did a good job with this mystery of noting the main suspects motives. Victor did make that phone call so we'll have to see how that plays because Victor will no way let Caroline take the fall. That part interests me greatly.I think we can take Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie off the list because they would own up to doing it with Caroline in trouble. It's clear Caroline had an altercation with Trent but we know she didn't do it as she is adamant. I can see Max, Melanie, Nick, and definitely Nicole sitting back. Max loves Caroline and Nick likes her but right now they are probably in shock and not sure what to do and perhaps one of them thinks she actually finished the job or something, which is why they aren't saying anything. So many angles.

My thinking is that if they go with a major character doing it, it will likely be Max so that Caroline can take the fall for him and maybe Victor will get her off somehow. Either that or they will have Victor be behind it because he can get out of it easy. It will likely be Claude though but there will be alot of misunderstanding where some think someone else did it or maybe someone did it and assumes someone else finished the job or something like that. I'm very interested in where it all goes because they all clearly got a hold of Trent before the guy died.
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