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Sep 27 2008, 08:15 PM
Sep 27 2008, 07:01 PM
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Sep 27 2008, 06:06 PM
And, you are honestly telling me that being a former porn star is more horrid than being talked into dressing like a man in order to terrorize those who pissed them off, right down to getting a drug addict hooked again? Or almost killing a man with (GADS) poison lipstick? PUL-LEEZE. :huh:
OK, I'm so not going here again.
I wouldn't bother. To some people (and I'm NOT referencing anyone specifically), Sami could murder the Pope, and Nicole would still be the Devil incarnate between the two of them.
Exactly :hail: I partook in endless EJ vs. Lucas debates last year and I'm trying not to go through the same tedious process again with Nicole and Sami as the new subjects, but I suppose it becomes inevitable lol.
I don't understand why Nicole is called a porn star in a negative, resentful tone. As it has been pointed out several times, she was being drugged by her own father, i.e. she was a minor who was raped repeatedly by strangers on camera and her nonconsensual sex was broadcast to the public for profit. I could never hold it against her even if I wanted to. That would be like if I called Sami "the whore", "the tramp", or other nicknames of that such for sleeping with two men in the same night and not knowing who the father of her baby was. One of her sexual encounters was a rape so I wouldn't hold that against her as much as I despise the character (although I have seen countless arguments from certain posters that Sami really wanted to have sex with EJ and the resistance and fear were just a front, but I don't agree with that assertion).
Also, ladyofthelake produced the actual episode counts which negated the theory that this is the "Nicole show".
And even if Nicole wasn't thrown into drugs and porn by her father, what's wrong with being a porn star? You guys are lucky I don't go by the name Misty Circle on weekends, or I might be offended.
Lol, good point.
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