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Sep 22 2008, 09:45 PM
Sep 22 2008, 05:35 PM
They are going the typical DAYS route with setting up this murder mystery...everyone has a motive, everyone is making public threats, people mysteriously go off on their own, etc. I loved Caroline getting all protective of Max and taking on Trent, but I hate the rage-filled version of Max we're seeing again. Maybe he will kill Trent and go to prison for murder for the rest of his life.....only, of course, it would only be about eight weeks because Caroline or Stephanie would go to Roman and cry and beg a little bit and he would come up with some scheme where Max could rat out a drug dealer, get beat up and have his sentence commuted.
At least these characters have motives to kill Trent, because he's a creep..Remember at the start of the serial killer storyline, when in a span of 2 or 3 days everyone wanted to kill Abe...That was so unbelievable..
Someone being a creep is not a good enough reason to kill him. That's my problem with this murder story. They should have waited with it till November sweeps or maybe New Years Eve (murder at midnight like they did with Colin back in 2002) . They should have had Trent do more bad/evil things to the good people of Salem so they get real motives. The only bad thing Trent did during his time in Salem was that he tried to pimp out his daughter (and in the past he abused Nicole). I would have liked to see Trent stab, shoot, or maybe force himself on someone, at least SOMETHING! Instead of just having different people beat him (John kicking him, Max punching him, Melanie slapping him). Or better yet, have Trent stab John as revenge for beating him. Hell, Trent giving Max a good old beating would have been nice. I'm so disappointed with the way Days wasted Roscoe's talent. They basically had him doing the same scenes over and over during the entire summer and then when it finally got good they killed him off. Typical Days, they did the same with Eddie Velez in 2001.
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