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Sep 23 2008, 12:18 AM
I also have to talk about the Victor/Nicole scenes as another poster mentioned concern on Friday about Victor being out of character. I disagree completely. What I liked most is that the Victor/Nicole dynamic was back in full force, right from his asking what she was babbling about in the first scene. His reaction to learning the truth was true to form, especially his laughing and questioning her using her sad story to convince him to let her keep the money. You could tell when Nicole got into the abuse part of her story that Victor was emotionally effected. The expression on his face changed (good acting by John Aniston) and that led to some things later on like his mentioning to Bo and Hope that he wouldn't press fraud charges, saying her losing his money would satisfy as the punishment for her deceiving him so there was no need to press charges. He recognized she was a victim and you could tell a part of him still recognizes the hell she has had to ensure in her life. He still has a soft spot for her deep down, much like he does Kate. I think that all tied in with his phone call. He is clearly going to do something to Trent and it will be interesting to see what. Love that we got a Nico mention. Haven't heard about him in awhile. Also, the added touch of Victor mentioning he did a background check on her before marrying her was such a nice touch as it tied nicely into the Victor character and his relationship with Nicole. He's intelligent and would do something like that. Again, the dynamic with the both of them was great. Victor has Nicole's number and she has his, much like Kate, yet they both still have a soft spot for each other. Loved the Nicole/Trent scene at the end too. Good end and nice foreboding feel.
I don't get why they said that either. Victor was totally in character!
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