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I want to go on record here. I have been watching Days for 38 years. I was there when Stephano kidnapped the twins, and then again when Sami kidnapped her baby sister and tried to sell her. I was there through all of Sami's escapades, and she was just one more character to me. During the buildup of Will heartbreakenly begging and yearning to be part of a family unit with his mom and dad, I began to be emotionally invested in this. When they went on the Scout camping trip, and the tiger got loose.......then Sami and Lucas made love in the wilderness, I was hooked on their story.

All due to the writers, much angst and blockading ensued. When they finally brought in EJ and that horrid story evolved, I got so angy I feared I would have a stroke. My anger for "ejami" never abated until recently. And that was because they began to pair the loathesome Mr. Scott/Wells with Nicole. All due to the writers again (bless those writers) I am in love with Nicole having EJ as her man.

OK, I have rambled on and not been too clear, I think. I like Sami with Lucas. On her own, I could care less about her. I like Nicole with EJ. On her own, she is just another character, although an entertaining one.

EJ, I could not stand from the day he first appeared in the towel. The actor gives me the creeps. Lucas is a vet, and I am ok with him, just he means not much to me without Sami.

So to all of you who feel bullied by the "ejami" political machine, I am on your side.
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