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SNS Spoilers

Nick gets a DUI.

Salem PD has a search warrant for Max.
Max finds Trent's wallet in Stephanie's purse.
Melanie and Stephanie take it to the mat.

Sami learns Nicole is pregnant.
EJ is forced to make a choice.

Theo goes missing.


**UPDATED 9/29**

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Lucas encourages Sami to tell the truth about her baby; Max tells Melanie to stay way from Philip.

Sami decides not to tell EJ about their unborn baby; Marlena leaves the mansion without her divorce papers signed.

Bo and Roman continue to work on Trent's murder investigation; Roman and Bo find Max's bloody shirt.

Chelsea visits Nick in jail; Kate is upset that her biopsy results are not in.

Abe and Lexie are frantic to find Theo; EJ tries to convince John to seek further treatment.

**UPDATED 9/30**

Daytime Dial spoilers


* Melanie begins to recall what happened the night of Trent’s murder.

* Abe decides to run for Mayor.

* Chelsea tells Daniel to move on.

* Salem PD surprises Max with a search warrant for his room.

* Theo goes missing.

Thursday – Max finds Trent’s wallet in Stephanie’s purse.

Friday – Sami learns that Nicole is pregnant with EJ’s child.


**UPDATED 10/1**

Daily spoilers

Monday, October 6th
After Lucas prompts Sami to tell E.J. about the baby, he sees E.J. and congratulates him; John upends Marlena's divorce intention; Stefano wants the board to see John's instability; though warned, Melanie meets Philip but drops Trent's wallet.

Tuesday, October 7th
Lucas nearly tells E.J. about his unborn child; Nicole tries to say she's carrying E.J.'s baby but backs off; Marlena needs help to convince John to see a doctor; John and Nicole agree that he can help by being her friend.

Wednesday, October 8th
Bo and Roman keep investigating the murder; Mayor Marino suggests they consider Max a suspect; his bloodied shirt may be evidence; Nick gets a DUI and feels responsible for Trent's death; Melanie ruminates on the night he died; Sami calls her parents.

Thursday, October 9th
Chelsea sees Nick in jail and thinks he's hiding something; Melanie acts innocent with unconvinced Bo; the DA frees Max, who plans to be more open with Stephanie; Theo's distraught baby sitter cannot find him; Kate wants her biopsy results.

Friday, October 10th
Marlena and Roman meet Sami, who doesn't tell the truth about the baby; trying to convince John to seek help, E.J. tells him that he is self-centered; Abe and Lexie find Theo, who had gone to see Chelsea in hospital; Chelsea tells Daniel to move on.

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